Saturday, August 07, 2004

Exodus 35

This chapter reprises earlier chapters, with few additions.

The lighting of fire on the Sabbath is forbidden.

The section on materials for the Tabernacle is copied verbatim from Exodus 25:1-7.

Men and women are treated equally as donors. This diverges from the usual view that women were treated as property.

The gold is presented as a wave offering.

Bezalel and Oholiab return to the narrative. Bezalel is filled with the Spirit of God which is associated with skill, ability, and knowledge. This is an important point in understanding the Spirit and its work. In the New Testament, the Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, the revealer. But the term Spirit of God, used so vaguely in most congregations, is used consistently in New Testament and Old in contexts relating to knowledge. Oholiab, by contrast, is not mentioned as being filled with the Spirit, although he is said to have skill. So, perhaps Bezalel is an inventor or architect, while Oholiab is a workman. However, God has made both of them teachers.


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