Thursday, July 29, 2004

Exodus 26

This chapter describes the tent, or tabernacle, in which worship is to take place.  The construction is:

  • Ten twisted linen and colored yarn curtains, each 42' x 6', each with cherubim designs.  Two pairs of five curtains are joined to form the tabernacle, then clamped with 50 gold clasps.  The tabernacle forms The Holy Place.

  • Eleven goathair curtains, 45' x 6' form the tent over the tabernacle, with the eleveth curtain at the front of the tent.  These are fastened with bronze clasps.  Another curtain of twisted linen and colored yarn, hung on five posts of gold-overlaid acacia with bronze bases, forms the door of the tent.

  • The tent is covered with red-dyed ram skins and the hides of sea cows (or, perhaps, badger skins). 

  • Twenty frames of acacia wood, each with 2 silver bases, are made for the north and south sides.  The frames are overlaid with gold.

  • Eight frames of acacia wood, of which two are for the corners and for each of which two silver bases are prepared, are made for the west side.  The frames are overlaid with gold.

  • Fifteen gold-overlaid crossbars are made for the frames.

  • An inner sanctum, called The Most Holy Place, is curtained off with twisted linen and colored yarn. The curtain is hung on gold-overlaid acacia wood.  Inside The Most Holy Place goes the Arc.
Just outside The Most Holy Place, the table for the Bread of the Presence and the lampstand are placed at opposite ends.


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