Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Exodus 25

Exodus 24 has already been covered as an extension of Exodus 19.  In the version of Exodus 24, Moses stays on the mountain for 40 days and receives detailed instructions on preparing the holy artifacts.  God stresses that goods must be given only according to how men are moved in their heart.  Nothing is to be extorted.  The holy artifacts, for which 75 pounds of gold are required, are:

The ark, to contain the Testimony
  • A wooden chest, overlaid inside and out with gold, about 3'8" x 2'3" x 2'3"
  • A solid gold cover for the chest
  • Poles, overlaid with gold, with which to carry the chest
  • Cherubim of hammered gold

A table, overlaid with gold, about 3' x 1'6", for the bread of the Presence
  • Solid gold dishes, plates, pitchers, and bowls
  • Poles, overlaid with gold, to carry the table
A gold lampstand (menorah), including
  • Six branches, decorated with cups shaped like almond buds and blossoms
  • Seven lamps to cap each branch and the central shaft
Pictures of these artifacts are available online


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