Sunday, August 01, 2004

Exodus 29

This lengthy chapter describes the consecration of the priests, a process that requires seven days.

  • Aaron is washed, dressed, and anointed with oil. Aaron's sons are dressed.
  • A bull is slaughtered and the horns of the altar wet with its blood. This is repeated each day of the seven day ceremony.
  • The fat around the organs, the covering of the liver and the kidneys of the bull are burned on the altar.
  • The flesh, the hide, and the offal are burned outside the camp as a sin offering
  • One ram is slaughtered, the blood sprinkled on the altar, and the legs and organs are washed. The entire ram is then burned on the altar.
  • A second ram, used for ordination, is slaughtered, and its blood sprinkled along with oil on Aaron and his sons, and smeared on their thumbs and big toes. The fat, the kidneys, the covering of the liver, and the right thigh,as well as three kinds of bread, are waved before the Lord as a "wave offering." These are then burned on the altar.
  • The breast of the ram, used for ordination, is waved before the Lord as a wave offering. Aaron and his sons receive both the breast and the right thigh, as well as unleavened bread, as atonement for ordination, and consecration.
  • The rest of the meat of the ram is burned up.
  • A lamb is sacrificed at the Tent of Meeting in the morning and at twilight over seven days. The morning lamb is sacrificed with 2 quarts of flour and a liter of wine.


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