Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Exodus 39

This chapter confirms the Israelites obedience to God's commands. The sole novel point is that Moses sees that the Israelites have been obedient, and so he blesses them. This blessing, like many elements of the construction of the Tabernacle, has parallels to the creation of earth (

Hebrews 9 uses the image of the Tabernacle to show how the New Covenant has changed mankind's relationship to God. In the Tabernacle, only the high priest could enter the inner sanctum, and then only through blood sacrifice. When Jesus laid down His life, His blood served as the sacrifice to open the Most Holy Place to all, Heaven.

Revelation also reveals parallels between the Tabernacle and Heaven. For example, the New Jerusalem is described as having twelve jeweled foundations (Rev. 21: 19) representing the apostles. While the stones are somewhat different, the parallel to the stones of the breastplate is perhaps noteworthy.


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