Monday, October 11, 2004

Joshua 19

This final chapter on the allotment of lands contains the unsettling news that the lot, as obtained from seeking the counsel of God, is sometimes wrong. For example, the allotment of Judah must be revised to now include the tribe of Simeon. Dan is not up to holding the territory it has been assigned.

Matthew Henry claims that not one person of note came from the tribe of Simeon. <> He relates this to the disgrace that Simeon brought on the family through his anger (Gen 49:5-7). Jacob had promised to disperse Levi and Simeon in Israel. Levi's descendants became priests, without any ancestral lands, and Simeon was placed here in Judah, presumably to be absorbed by the larger tribe.

Asher, Naphtali, Zebulon and Issachar will form the tribes in the general region of Galilee <>

Joshua himself ends up in the region that will become Samaria. Notably, the site of his retirement, Timnath Serah (or Timnath Heres) was commanded by the Lord.


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