Thursday, September 30, 2004

Joshua 15

Next we are presented with the distribution of land to Israel's largest tribe. One problem is immediately obvious. The western boundary of their territory is given as the coastline, which would be held by the Philistines for many years to come.

The story of Caleb's claim to Hebron is repeated, and we learn that Debir was taken by Othniel. There is a vignette by which Caleb's daughter Acsah gains not merely a field but springs to water it. In rabbinical literature, Caleb is thought to have married Miriam ( We also learn that Caleb indicates "dog," so this may have been the clan symbol. In rabbinical literature, Caleb's son Hur was martyred for reproving the Israelites (

Matthew Henry points out that the catalog of villages and towns in Jos. 15:21-32 is agley ( Thirty eight locations are named, but said to be 29 towns and villages. Nine are transferred to Simeon in Jos. 19:2.


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